An outdoor wedding adds a lot of character to a ceremony and offers the natural beauty of the outdoors. Whether it’s a golf course with a view, a private country club, or a section in a park, there are many advantages and disadvantages to having a wedding outside. For this reason, a bride and bride groom should always take the time to visit different locations for the event, and when doing so, you should consider the following factors when the time comes to choose a site for an outdoor wedding.

Think about the weather and the comfort of your guests when choosing an outside wedding location. If you are having your wedding in the middle of summer, you don’t want to expose your guests and your food to the extreme heat. Consider a location that offers shade, either with trees or a covered area. Another option would be to put up a tent to create shade. Ask the vendor coordinator if they supply large fans for cooling guests.

Make sure there is a back-up plan if the weather proves to be more severe than expected when picking a reception area outside. Choose a wedding reception location that offers a function room for such situations.

Check out the aisle that the bride and wedding party will be walking down to ensure it is safe and the terrain is even.

Assess the distance of the guests in comparison to the bride and groom sharing their vows. You want to be close enough that everyone can hear what’s going on. If you are not close enough, utilize a microphone if media equipment is accessible.

Pick an outdoor venue that will look beautiful at the time of your wedding. Whether it’s the view you like or the surrounding area, you want to do as little as possible to the area so that the natural beauty is enough. In the case that it’s not enough, contemplate the efforts and cost of additional decorations and flowers.

Select an outdoor wedding site that will have sufficient light if you are having an evening wedding. Choose a location with lamps or strung lights so that your guests can safely move around the grounds. Use candles for table centerpieces.

Remember the facilities. If there is not a nearby restroom, you need to bring in portable facilities if allowed. Some companies offer stylish port-a-potties for such a fancy occasion.

Choose a wedding reception area that is not prone to mosquitoes, black flies, and other annoying pests. Birds may also be an issue in some areas also, so make sure you ask the wedding location coordinator about such concerns.